Certified DOT Physicals

Federal law requires drivers of commercial motor vehicles (DMVs) to receive regular physical examinations. These exams are defined as the “Department of Transportation Medical Examinations.” DOT physicals are highly regulated for the drivers’ safety. They detect physical, mental, and emotional issues that can affect a driver’s ability to safely drive a commercial vehicle. DOT medical examiners are specially trained to understand the regulations and prevent drivers from being inappropriately disqualified.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires that all interstate drivers be medically qualified to drive the vehicle safely, perform pre and post trip safety inspections, and secure a load. Bus drivers have different requirements. Examiners certify drivers for up to two years but may certify for less than two years if more frequent monitoring is required to ensure medical fitness for duty. Typically, medical conditions that disqualify drivers or require more frequent monitoring or exemptions include those with hearing loss, vision loss, epilepsy, or insulin use (diabetes). Reasons for disqualification, more frequent monitoring, exemption, SPE or counselling with be explained thoroughly during the examination.

We provide comprehensive and efficient Department of Transportation (DOT) Physicals for commercial drivers and truckers.  The physicals can be performed in our clinic or at the employer’s site.  For companies with 10 or more employees, we can provide exams, drug tests and medical cards on site.  Should a driver be in our area, he/she will find ample trailer parking located next door to Food Lion. 

Dr. Tigges is a 2014 FMCSA National Registry Certified Medical Examiner, and is qualified to perform CDL/DOT physicals in Tennessee, as well as BAT (Breath Alcohol Testing) and Drug Testing through a split urine collection (in compliance with the DOT employment drug test requirements. Dr. Tigges is a TEAMCME member and is compliant with all national regulations.

Drivers can expect that their health history will be carefully reviewed during their DOT physical exam. The physical exam includes the following:

• Past or recent illnesses and injuries (including head and brain injuries)
• Vision acuity
• Hearing disorders
• Heart disorders
• High blood pressure
• Muscular weakness or disease
• Diabetes
• Digestion
• Respiratory problems
• Lung, kidney, liver, and nervous system health

A CDL carrier must meet all of the health requirements in order to pass a DOT physical exam.

Results can usually be provided within 30 minutes.  More complicated health issues may take longer. Unless disqualified, held up for additional testing or pending an exemption or SPE, drivers will receive their long form and DOT card.