Hearing Testing and Evaluations

Hearing Testing and Evaluations   

At the start of the hearing tests & evaluation process, the patient’s medical history is reviewed with questions regarding general health and gathering specific information regarding the patient’s hearing history.The patient will also be asked to describe any concerns they may have about their hearing.

Following the case history, an ear exam called an Otoscopy will be performed. We will look into your ears using an otoscope. This will check for anything in the ear canal that might affect the hearing test results such as ear wax in the ears or any anatomical problems like a hole in the eardrum. Finally, the audiologist will conduct a series of hearing tests to assess whether hearing loss is present and what type of hearing loss it is.

The various hearing tests that may be performed to identify and diagnose a hearing loss include: Pure Tone Air testing and speech testing.

During pure tone testing, the patient will be asked to press a button when they hear a beep. The test is looking for the softest level the patient is able to hear the beeps at different frequencies or pitches. During speech testing the patient will be asked to repeat words. The test will search for the softest level the patient is able to accurately repeat words as well as determine speech understanding ability at a comfortable volume. All of your results will be recorded in an audiogram. This will help the determine the degree and type of hearing loss.

Once the hearing testing is completed, we will determine whether a hearing loss exists, what type and degree of hearing loss is present, and make recommendations regarding the patient’s treatment options. Recommendations may include medical evaluation referral and treatment for hearing loss.

If you think you may have hearing loss problems, get your hearing tested today at KSA HEARING CONSERVATION LLC. Contact Us and make an appointment at one of our two convenient locations in Gallatin and Murfressboro, Tennessee.

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