On-Site Audiometric Testing

On-Site Audiometric Testing

Hearing Safety Audiometric Testing
OSHA Compliant

Audiometric Testing is required by OSHA & MSHA annually to all employees who are exposed to noise levels equal or greater than 85dBA

Workers in the oil, gas, mining, construction and many other fields can be exposed to harmful noise levels during equipment operation. If you’re an employer who’s industry exposes your employees to occupational noise levels higher than OSHA or MSHA mandates you’ll need to offer Audiometric testing. This process will start by determining the noise exposure level within the workplace environment. Areas where occupational noise level testing exceeds the federal maximum standards employers must offer audiometric hearing evaluations on an annual basis.

Our service areas include: Tennessee, Alabama, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, & Texas. If your state is not listed please call 615-426-9556 to see if we service your area.

Let KSA Hearing Conservation bring Audiometric Testing to your location(s) according to your schedule. We offer a professionally trained staff and fully equipped units to provide all of the required audiometric testing and reporting for the following:

  • Baseline and Annual Audiometric Testing
  • Review and interpretation of each test
  • Analysis, recommendations, summary report and notification
  • Meets OSHA and MSHA regulations

All of our medical staff and health technicians are licensed or certified in their fields of expertise. Our screening services are federal standard compliant and clinically sound. Health tests are professionally reviewed by our physicians or audiologists, as applicable, giving your employees reliable recommendations. Call 615-426-9556 for more information.

By: Dr. Michael Tigges